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Editorial Policy

The Editorial Committee of APCJ is composed of professionals from research institutes and university throughout Korea and the world. Each member of the committee is an expert with a distinguished record in one of the research areas covered by the journal.

To ensure that APCJ publishes only high quality technical, all submitted manuscripts undergo peer review. The Editorial Committee of APCJ is responsible for making the final decision on every manuscript, for making that decision in as timely a manner as possible under the given conditions, and for ensuring that the decision is based on a fair and objective analysis of the manuscript’s merits.

When a manuscript is submitted to APCJ, it undergoes an initial prescreening by the Editorial Committee in order to determine whether or not the paper fits the interests of APCJ’s readers. If the Editorial Committee feels the manuscript meets the journal’s standards for publication, the paper then a blind reviewing process.

The Editorial Committee assigns three reviewers for each papers. Authors do not know the identities of the reviewers and reviewers do not know the identities of authors. The reviewers use a standard review from provided by APCJ. The Committee chooses reviewers on the basis of peer networking, current references cited in the manuscript, and author recommendations.

The Committee passes the reviewers’ comments on to the authors and according to its discretion returns authors’ responses to the reviewers. The Committee decides whether the authors’ responses and the revised manuscript should be reviewed by the original reviewers for comments.

Editors and reviewers keep confidential all material in manuscripts they have access to.

The Editorial Committee makes its final decision according to the following factors : recommendations of reviewers, topical fields and subjects, novelty, and the quality of written expression.

The most time – consuming part of the publication process is securing the reviewers and their recommendations. The first cycle, from submission of the manuscript to the return of all the reviewers’ recommendations, takes from of the final decision, is from to six months. The Editorial Committee and the Editorial and Publication staff are committed to streamlining the publication process wherever possible.

Editorial Board

apcj editors
Editor-in-Chief YoungHwan Kim (Pusan National University, Republic of Korea)
Co-Editor JinHee Kim (Korean Educational Development Institute)
Advisory Committee DongSun Park (Pusan National University, Republic of Korea)
Ester Ogena (Philippines Normal University, Philippines)
Gebeyehu W. Bogale (Center for Educational ICT, Ethiopia)
Guntur Sugiyarto (Asian Development Bank, Philippines)
Soon Seng Thah (Open University, Malaysia)
Thapanee Thammetar (Thailand Cyber University, Thailand)
Editorial Committee Adesoji Adeolu Oni (University of Lagos, Nigeria)
I-Hsuan Cheng (National Chi Nan University, Taiwan)
Juan José Contreras Castillo (Universidad de Colima, Mexico)
Kenichi Kuboa (Kansai University, Japan)
Michaelel Cross (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)
Shelley Shwu-ching Young (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Shon Mi (Busan National University of Educaiton)
SoHwa Park (Pusan National University, Republic of Korea)
Vasily Maximov (North-Eastern Federal University, Russia)
Vorasuang Duanchinda (Sripatum University, Thailand)