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APEC Edutainment Exchange Program (referred as AEEP hereinafter) is a global Problem-Based Learning (PBL) program, providing university students, also known as the next leaders, from APEC member economies with opportunities to open a mock social enterprise working together in a global team.

For 5 months in total, including 2-month-long online pre-program, 1-week-long on-site, and another 2-month-long post-program activities, participants are encouraged to go through the “Design thinking process”, encompassing to 1) define a social problem, 2) ideate a social business model to solve the problem defined, 3) develop prototypes, and 4) make presentations on their social business models.

By conducting and implementing all the activities by themselves, with guidance of the Secretariat, participants are expected to foster 1) global competencies, 2) interpersonal and communicative skills, 3) creative and critical thinking, 4) linguistic competencies, and 5) knowledge for global business.

To inspire and support participants, youth social entrepreneurs, professors, practitioners are invited, and interact with them during the program.

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AEEP APEC Edutainment Exchange Program
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