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Vision - e-Learning World that Creates Global Education Community Together

Develop educational e-Learning contents usable for international eudcation community
Participation & Cooperation
Place for exchange and cooperation for global e-learning leaders
Global e-learning tri-partization


  • Vitalization and expansion of domestic·international education
    cooperation participation
  • Expansion of contest by domestic·international promotion and
    holding preliminary contests
  • Sharing respective key issues and cases of e-leraning
    content development for participating nations
  • Provides blended learning based systemic development program
  • Obtaining sustanability and far-reaching power through systemic
    follow-up management and sharing results
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Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE) 63beon-gil 2, Busandaehak-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, 46241 Republic of Korea
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