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Classification Contents
e-ICON International Training Pre-training
  • Orientation and basic grounding education for ICT on the website
  • Contents planning and consensus based on ICT utilizing
  • Contents developing based on team activity
  • Co-development of e-learning Contents utilizing education field.
Post training
  • Online community activities of International cooperation on education
e-ICON World Contest
  • exhibition and explanation about developed Contents to the general public
  • Demonstrating and presentation about developed Contents with subject, goal, development environment, feature etc.
  • Announcing and awarding the good contents


  • Manage the operation and direction related to the contest through meeting of related organization

Confirmation of participating countries & Selection

  • Confirm the participating countries, notify the contest and request selection of the recommended participants.
    ※ Send the official document to the Ministry of Education in each country through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Korea

International Training(Pre-training / On-site training/ Collaborative study)

  • Use of pre-training after registration of the confirmed training participants, discussion related contents development planning with matching training team in Korea
    ※ Submit the recommendation letter of participating countries, training application and content planning
    ※ Report to the contest bureau about pre-training status weekly
  • All participants submit the English written content planning for ICT used class being used or developed in the education spots
  • Develop the contents through collaborative study and intense academic learning for content development during the pre-training and on site.
    ※ Middle & High school Students team : create e-learning contents related to a curriculum subject such as mathematics, language, science, social studies, physical education etc.
    ※ Students team : produce any e-learning contents in order to help resolve educational problem

World Contest

  • Announce and award the contents which are developed collaboratively through the training

Post training

  • Promote the online community activity of international exchange among training matching teams.
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