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What kind of contents we expect to be developed?

e-ICON World Contest is an international competition for demonstrating and evaluating jointly developed application on teaching and learning using ICT and e-learning. The event will provide an opportunity for participants to expand education cooperation by helping them obtain worldwide networking resources and gain new prospects.

The outcome created by participants is based on the Android environment. This is due to relative ease of uploading the final application on the mobile platform within the designated time.

Are there any requirements or skills that participant needs to bring?

First, participants need to fully devote their time during their stay for developing the application together. English proficiency in writing and speaking is integral. Second, skills for developing contents, making promotional video of the application are necessary for effective operation and promotion. Students with previous experience are always welcomed to join the contest.

What is a global team?

One global group consists of two korean students and two international student as well as two advisory teachers. They will be put together in order to make the application throughout the event. The organizer expects that this event would be good chance to make global friendship with other participants and have good remembrance in Korea.

What language will be used during the event?

All the activities including the presentation in evaluation will be proceeded in English. Thus, ability to speak English is integral for participants.

Are there any outside activities included?

Outdoor activities are not included. But our accommodation has great facilities where famous tourist attractions are located. Thus, the organizer expects participant to feel comfortable and tour around the facility whenever you feel like enjoying the time of Korea.

What are the benefits of the e-ICON World contest?

 Airfare and accommodations for students will be provided from the host organization. And the prize will be awarded to every participant and also distinguished global group. We expect this event would be good chance to improve participant`s capacity to become global and competent human resources.


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