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[e-ICON] [7th e-ICON] Administrative Circular
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Dear All contestants at the 7th e-ICON World Contest,


A warm greeting from Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE), Repubic of Korea.
The e-ICON Secretariat coridally welcomes and congratulates you all to be part of a highly dynamic, engaged and forward-looking contest, The 7th e-ICON World Contest!


This is a kind notice that the secretariat has circulated the Administrative Circular through all contestants' email.

Please check your email inbox, while considering the following points:


1) Be well informed about the contest timeline (page 4), evaluation criteria (page 4~5) and your partnering team (a global team-matching results on page 8.).


2) Pre-training (online activity) will begin from May 15th (Monday) as mentioned in the Timeline.
   Please proceed online registraton ( and find your team blog!

   During your online activity,
 - First, You should watch online lecture under "Pre-training".

   There will be 3 catagories (Global, Technical and Cultural).
   You may be required to submit a brief reflection note for some lectures.

 - Second, Please work with your team on Project Development Proposal, which is worth of 40 points at the final   

   evaluation. This is the most important task during 3 months of online activity.

   Spend your time wisely to develop ONE agreed proposal for the contest and work on mobile application development  

   in advance since you will have limited days to work during the contest period in Korea.


3) Among overseas contestants who haven't submitted a copy of passport, please send it to me ASAP for your flight booking!


    I once again welcome you all to the 7th e-ICON Contest and hope to build a strong teamwork through online activity!
    If you have further questions, please feel free to send Ms. Jinhee Kim an email (


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