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ALCoB(On/Offline Activities) - APCJ, Online Community, ICT based Technology, ALCoB Cooperative Project, Forum, Int’lALCoB Conference, ALCoB Internet Volunteer

Currently, 5,000 members from 21 economiesRepresentative of tri-partization  cooperation

ALCoB (APEC Learning Community Builder)

is one of the most representative human networks in the APEC region and a key factor of the APEC Future Education Consortium and APEC Learning Community for shared prosperity. ALCoB consists of APEC member economies' educational leading teachers, learners, supporters, education administrations, and scholars who are getting together to materialize the ALCoM (APEC Learning Community) based on Autonomy, Sharing, Cooperation and Volunteerism. In particular, ALCoB-EC (ALCoB Entrepreneur Committee) contributes to ALCoB projects as one of the ALCoB supporters.

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