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1. International ALCoB Conference

Educational Festival for ALCoB

Annual event for ALCoB members to check and suggest ALCoB Activities and share information & knowledge on education and culture


  • Fostering mutual-exchange relations among ALCoB
  • Sharing educational and cultural information and idea among ALCoB
  • Acquiring experience in cooperation


  • ICT simulation class
  • Sharing teaching materials and methods
  • Report of ALCoB Cooperative project and AIV activities
  • Cultural exchange among participating economies in APEC

2. ALCoB Cooperative Project

ALCoB Cooperative Project is a team project to advance collaborative activities under various topics including school subjects, culture, environmental issues, and studying & training suggested by ALCoB


7 to 8 month


International educational cooperation team's teacher and university student from ALCoB School


  • Educational cooperative activities among APEC members in the level of school
  • Enhancing ALCoB activities

3. ALCoB Internet Volunteers [AIV]

Contribution to narrow the digital divide in the APEC region by sharing the experience and know-how on international collaborative activities of ALCoB

Performing international activities such as ICT education, International Cooperative Project and Cultural Exchange


  • Narrowing the digital divide among APEC member economies through ICT training
  • Enhancing the comprehension of APEC member economies through mutual exchanges
  • Building a Learning Community through maintaining Post-Activities


About 10 days

Participant Economies

Thailand, Indonesia, China, Philippine, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia (Sakha)
During 8 years, Dispatched 307 persons and Exchanged 10,997 persons

Dispatched members

Experts, Evaluation team from IACE, Teachers, University Students , K-12 students


  • Consulting for Advisory of APEC economies
    ( IT, HRD, University education innovation)
  • ALCoB Network and Activity organizing ( Seminar, Workshop)
  • ICT based model teaching and utilizing method teaching, and open the teacher conference between two countries.
  • Students Program for Knowledge Sharing and Culture Exchanging

Training Program Simulation Class Utillzing ICT Cultural Exchange(AEEP) School Visit Production of Teaching Materials

4. Additional  Activities]

  • Program
  • Spontaneous AEEP between other economies
  • Localized Education Volunteerism
  • International Mutual Exchanging Collaborative Activities in the level of individual unit

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