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The ALCoB School Network is a school-based project for international cooperation in education. It aims to identify and realize an ideal future school model in the APEC region while fostering mutual understanding of the circumstances of various member economies' education systems, cultures and histories. With regard to strengthening sister school relationships, it is expected that participating member economies and member schools sustain continuing involvement in this project. This network also forms the home base for the joint efforts, both online and offline, of the ALCoB Cooperative Project, including the utilization of ICT in education.
The major outcomes of the ALCoB School Network are described below.

  • Enhancement of international cooperation for future education through exchange activities:
    - Online and offline projects between sister schools are fostered through various projects, such as reciprocal visits and joint classes between sister schools of Network members
  • Introduction of future models of international cooperation activities, by various types of models:
    - Subject Adaptation
    - Exchange of practical skills for operation
    - Club activities
    - Work-study programs
    - Educational Service activities
    - Sister School exchange
  • Opportunities for language and culture education based on autonomous participation:
    - Designing school-based training models for English education using ICT software
    - Implementation of diverse cultural activities, including sharing of the native cultures of each economy
    - Encourage both quantitative and qualitative growth by organizing various programs for future education between ALCoB School Network members
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