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Purpose & Goal


Purpose & Goals

  • APCJ is an academic journal to gather, refine, and share knowledge and experiences among APEC economies in order to increase the knowledge and enhance the efficient use of information and communication technologies in education.
  • Inheriting the achievements of the Consortium for APEC Cyber Education Cooperation (ACEC), APCJ contributes to narrowing the digital divide among APEC members by sharing information and knowledge on education with the support of the IACE. APEC is expected to open new horizons for scholars, researchers, and experts do that they can deepen the understanding of cyber education and materialize the vision of future education for APEC member economies.
  • There are many diverse projects related to Collaboration education under the ACEC rubric (e.g. ALCoB, IIV, etc.). Many are not well documented or disseminated in a from useful to the larger education community. Being reported in APCJ would make their “lessons learned” accessible to decision – makers and provide guidance to decision – making for future ACEC projects.
  • Stimulation of scholarly work in Collaborative education giving scholars incentive to report.
  • Diffusion of knowledge about national plans and policies about cyber education
  • Promotion of APEC’s goal of “tri – partization” – communication among government, scholarly, and business sectors.