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  • 01 AEEP proved its educational value and quality through many studies and applications with APEC member economies for many years since it was developed in 2006.
  • 02 AEEP is based on experiential learning, blended learning, self-directed learning, project-based learning, and innovative problem-solving approach.
  • 03 Featuring team-based experiential learning, AEEP works with ALCoB network very systematically and it has very strong human network bond in the APEC region. In the aspect that the learning process is made based on community beyond classrooms.
  • 04 APEC Learning Community Builders (in short, ALCoB), which is the official APEC project endorsed in 2002, is human network in the APEC region aiming to narrow digital divide and build educational community. Since then, there are over 5,000 members in 13 APEC member economies as of 2017. AEEP contributes to the firm establishment of ALCoB, through continuation of annual student-gathering and activities.

Principles of AEEP

  • 01 Self-directed
    From defining a social problem to making a presentation on a social business model, all activities are planned and implemented by motivated participants
  • 02 Project(Problem)-based
    ADuring AEEP, A clear focus is put on a specific social problem and a case that participants are going to solve
  • 03 Blended
    For 5 months in total, including 2-month-long pre-program & 1-week-long on-site & another 2-month-long post-program activities, participants are given a on- and offline learning experiences.
  • 04 Collaborative
    Participants with many diverse cultural and academic backgrounds are highly motivated and encouraged to collaborate with each other, in order to achieve the common goal: to solve a social problem defined by themselves.